Board Directory

Bruce Smart

Board President

Appointed in 2006

Term Ending March 14, 2022

Bruce is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado and is currently retired after a 25 year public works career with the City of Cortez.

Simon Martinez

Board Vice President

Appointed in 2011

Term Ending March 14, 2023

Simon works as the operating manager for the 7,700 acre Ute Mountain Farm & Ranch Enterprise and directs the 600 head Tribal cattle herd. Simon originally worked on the Dolores Tunnel prior to joining the Tribal enterprise.

Don Schwindt

Board Secretary-Treasurer

Appointed in 1983

Term Ending July 7, 2023

Don farms 400 acres in the MVIC system south of Cortez. Don’s other water related service has included stints on the MVIC Board and Colorado Water Conservation Board. Don is also a Board member of the Family Farm Alliance, a west wide organization focused on one mission: To enhance the availability of reliable, affordable irrigation water supplies to Western farmers and ranchers.

Sheldonna Ives

Board Director

Appointed August 1, 2018

Term Ending July 31, 2022

Godwin Oliver


Appointed in 2015

Term Ending November 2, 2019

Godwin farms approximately 700 irrigated acres in the Fairview and Sandstone Blocks.

Wesley Wilson

Board Director

Appointed in 2016

Term Ending November 21, 2020

Glen Fish

Board Director

Appointed in 2017

Term Ending January 2, 2021