Drought Contingency Plan-Update

DWCD will host a public meeting to discuss McElmo concerns with the current Draft Drought Contingency Plan.

McElmo Public Meeting

7:00 PM Monday July 17, 2017

DWCD Cortez Office 60 S. Cactus Street

Final comments are now due July 21, 2017 for future consideration by the MVIC and DWCD Boards, tentatively scheduled for September.

Comments are being collected by: Harris Water Engineering 954 East Second Av. Durango, CO 81301 or via email at comments@durangowater.com. A copy of the plan is available at http://doloreswater.com/category/news-and-announcements/.





July 2017 Board Meetings DWCD Board Meeting – July 13
MVIC Board Meeting – July 11
Board Comments Due July 21 by EOD
Public Comments Due July 21 by EOD
Planning Task Force Reviews Comments July 31
August 2017 Comments Matrix with recommendations from the Planning Task Force on how each comment will be addressed in the Plan DWCD Board Meeting – August 10
MVIC Board Meeting – August 8
September 2017 Boards review, modify, and approve how each comment is addressed DWCD Board Meeting – September 14
MVIC Board Meeting – September 12
HWE incorporates comments in the next draft of the Plan Ongoing in September
Optional: Comments and recommendations posted on the website September 18
October 2017 Redlined and clean versions of the Plan provided to the Boards for review DWCD Board Meeting – October 12
MVIC Board Meeting – October 10
November 2017 Discuss with Boards any additional comments to be incorporated DWCD Board Meeting – November 9
MVIC Board Meeting – November 14
Final draft of Plan submitted to Bureau of Reclamation for review November 17
January 2018 Boards review any comments provided by Bureau of Reclamation; possible Boards’ action of acceptance of the Plan (depending on level of comments received) DWCD Board Meeting – January 9
MVIC Board Meeting – January 11
February 2018 Possible Boards’ action of acceptance of the Plan DWCD Board Meeting – February 8
MVIC Board Meeting – February 13
March 2018 Final Plan due to Bureau of Reclamation March 31


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