4/26/16 Release Update

McPhee Downstream Release Update

Although the upper Dolores Basin caught some of the April 15 -18 storm, the April overall precipitation fell a little below normal and the Colorado River Basin Forecast Center dropped their most likely (50% probability based on current conditions and 30 year record) by another 20 KAF. That means we need a little help, above average precipitation, over the next month to fill McPhee and make some excess water for a spill. Though the runoff has started and the upper Dolores is running up around a 1,000 CFS we have 3 to 4 weeks until McPhee gets up near full before a spill. So if the runoff comes in higher than currently forecast, we would announce a spill about one week ahead of the start and give ramping days and duration at higher flows of 1,000 to 1,200 CFS, likely about 5 days. It’s still shaping up around Memorial Day if it comes at all.

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