5/5/16 Release Update

McPhee Downstream Release Update

May 1st CBRFC Inflow Forecast drops 15 KAF more, any Managed Release (Spill) is extremely unlikely. Unfortunately even with some snow in the mountains last weekend, the precipitation was less than normal for April and the May 1st forecast dropped an additional 15,000 acre feet. The way that works through the 2016 McPhee operations, we will not fill McPhee and there will be no spill. The runoff just didn’t show up as expected in April and McPhee remains 80,000 AF from full or down about 19 feet. We expect runoff to increase rapidly, but so will irrigation. The forecast reflects changed conditions relative to what it looked like a month ago based on precipitation and initial runoff inflows. It would take an extreme wet event, a 10% probability based on the last 30 years of record, like last May to fill McPhee & spill at this point. We will continue to monitor, but will expect the next potential boating release to be in May, 2017.

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