McPhee Release Update for Monday March 10, 2020

McPhee is currently releasing approximately 50 CFS for the downstream fishery, which will continue through the end of March at the direction of CPW.

It does not look like there will be managed release from McPhee this year.

The runoff forecast for McPhee has steadily fallen since January due to the dry conditions and is currently insufficient to fill McPhee. The Dolores Basin SNOTEL sites are averaging only 80% of the median snow pack as of March 10th.

We will update this page again later during the season if there are any significant developments. 

For more details on
the current official forecast, go to

Useful Links:

Dolores Gage:

McPhee Elevation &

Dolores below



Bureau of Land

The BLM has a detailed
boating map of the Dolores river posted on their website. Link below.

BLM Avenza Map page
for the Dolores:×40



The following are
links to the American Whitewater River Inventory pages for the lower Dolores

Bradfield to Dove Creek

Dove Creek to Slickrock

Slickrock to Bedrock

Bedrock to Gateway

Gateway to Confluence with the Colorado River

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